Volodymyr Nazarkevych
CEO/Lead iOS Engineer

Volodymyr created a company that reflected his passion for moral values in business and ongoing excellence.  Introduced changes in the company that lead to innovation and growth.

Pavlo Nazarkevych
CTO/Lead Android Engineer

Pavlo is a co-founder of Kevych Solutions. Versatile personality is a key to his success as a passionate and effective speaker, teacher and expert in software engineering. 

Our professional team:

Maximilian Boiko

iOS Engineer

Olha Nazarkevych

Quality Assurance

Oleh Tyzhai

iOS Engineer

Serhii Klitchuk

Android Engineer

Oleksandr Silchenko

Project Manager

Viktoria Halyk

IT Recruiter

Oleh Mykytyn

iOS Engineer

Artem Polivodskyi

iOS Engineer

Andriy Hrytsyshyn

iOS Engineer

Liubomyr Gavronsky

iOS Engineer

Andrew Trach

iOS Engineer

Oleh Habchak

Web Developer

Oleh Pryshlyak

iOS Engineer

Maksym Vlasiuk

iOS Engineer