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We offer high-quality android app development as well as polished UI/UX design services. If you are interested in any of these services we’re more than happy to help you! Our android app development company will take your business to the next level. From application development to testing and support — the quality of android mobile app development inVerita provides, won’t leave you indifferent.

Android developers at Kevych Solutions are proficient on the full-cycle of custom Android mobile app development, from your initial idea/concept, to designing with UI/UX in mind, to programming, and finally to testing and launching your application in the Google Play store. Our android developers have been working with every corner of the Android platform. Whether you want to build an application for in-house operations, for client use, or even a game, our Android app development company is ready to take on the challenge.


Android app development expertise by your side

We help companies from around the world find experts for Android app development outsourcing. Android developers at Kevych Solutions serve clients across a variety of industries including travel & hospitality, telecom, retail, media, healthcare, fintech, education, etc.

You will get full-cycle Android mobile app development services. They include prototyping & discovery phase, UI/UX design, programming, testing, and launch on Google Play. We also provide post-launch support & maintenance to ensure that your app is in line with rapidly changing technologies and users’ needs.

If you need to create an app for a smartphone and a tablet, Kevych Solutions team will boost your capacities and provide you with relevant expertise. We have vast experience in building Android enterprise applications, social media applications, mobile e-commerce apps, games, mobile-enabled IoT solutions, AR-enabled applications, and many more.

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This may be the number-one advantage of the Android platform. Android is the most-used operating system in the world for smart devices, allowing you to reach more potential clients. And this is the reason why android app developers are in huge demand.

If a large enterprise requires a mobile commerce app to run on hundreds of tablets, for example, this is much easier with the Android platform, as comparable hardware can be obtained for a much lower price than iOS devices.

Enterprise Android applications are primarily developed using Java, which is easily ported to other operating systems, like Ubuntu, Blackberry, Symbian, and Chrome OS. Java was designed as a programming language with portability in mind.

You will get professional custom Android app development services. We will help you build, upgrade, refactor, and test your Android application to ensure it meets your requirements.

We follow the user-centric approach to ensure a smooth user experience. Our experts pay great attention to each element of the design by developing detailed mock-ups and wireframes.


Our Android developers will continue to improve your solution after the launch and help you with bug fixing, performance tuning, system monitoring, on-demand-updates, and new functionality realization.

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